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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Vacation Florence Part 1

So after a few days in Rome we did a very long day trip to Florence. We wished we could have actually stayed in the city, but the schedule did not allow time for that. In any case below is quiet a few shots of the city.

Florence or "Firenze" is really a picturesque city. The photo taken above we on a small hill above the city looking onto the River Arno and the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. This bridge was built a few times, but last built in 1345.

Looking from the same hill top onto the famous Duomo Battistero. Sadly a bit of construction around it, but still almighty in its presence.

One of the many lovely piazzas around Florence. The building had so much character and colours.

Not sure of the name of these buildings but just thought it was a nice shot.

This is the Santa Croce, a great Gothic Church in the middle of Florence. Construction begun in the mid-1200's but was not consecrated until 1443. What happened in between??

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