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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Caught a Cold!

Damm! I thought I could get through the second half of the winter without catching a cold, but sure enough it came over the weekend. Made two mistakes once I caught it. First was go out Sunday evening for several hours, when I should have stayed indoors. Monday feeling like crap, still went to work, had a huge day, and should have gone home right after work, but attended a work dinner function, where I ended up leaving half way through it after throwing up, and a headache turned into a migraine! So Monday night 9.30pm, I crawled into bed, with Clariza freaking out as I looked like I was about to die, and I struggled to get rid of the migraine. And of top of that of course I had the cold with a sore throat, and a blocked nose.

I had half a brain to sleep for 12 hours and woke up about 1030am, with the migraine gone, but the cold in full force. I stayed at home for 3 more hours then my stubborn personality hit, and decided to go to work for a few hours! (idiot) I walked into work, did a few hours, and decided I better go home! Had an early night, and today I was at work at 730am feeling the recovery was on! Its now evening and the drugs are working, and I am feeling a lot better, but am sure it will still be a few more days until its gone!

What I didnt mention and just thought about it was that also on Monday morning I did go to the hospital. I went to Asan Hospital, to the International Clinic. The Doctor I saw there was Dr. Kwok and he was fantastic. He really took the time to pinpoint the problem, discuss all the symptoms, and prescribed only one medication, and not a dozen. The clinic there is excellent, and extremely helpful. My bill for the consult was only 18,000 won plus 10,300 for medication for 10 days! Not bad. I do have the government medical card, but the discount was minimal. Anyway, I do recommend the clinic and Dr. Kwok .... who is not a kwak!

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  • At 8:15 am, Anonymous G said…

    Too bad about the sickness. Consider this, though: you're lucky to have the International clinic up there! I've heard rumors of one opening up here on Jeju but nothing has appeared as of yet.

    I got sick a bit my first year here and someone suggested a kind of tea that I've been drinking ever since, that you may or may not know about: Yoo-ja-cha (유자차). It's made with citrus fruits, so it's really packed with vitamins (and it tastes great, too).

  • At 9:18 am, Blogger Simon says said…

    Thanks for the advice. I will try it! Keep the photos rolling on your blog. Enjoying them a lot

  • At 6:08 pm, Blogger Catherine June said…

    Blocked nose? headache? Oh dear...sounds very much like a sinus headache...yep, got that a few times and everytime, super hot shower works splendid, hot tea (no milk, no sugar) if you can, drink hot chinese or green tea, lean over your mug of hot beverage and feel the steam brushing your face, make you sweat a bit. Cold surroundings are especially bad for sinus headaches, make yourself hot and try to sweat it out with layers of blankets. You will feel the need to lie down, but being horizontal is not that comfortable, cos at this stage, your head would be tender and you would feel your blood gushing to your head the moment you lie down, stack up your pillow, try "half sitting half lying" position and sleep it off. Eculyptus helps heaps. Can you get it over there?


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