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Saturday, February 25, 2006

James Brown in Concert

"Its great to be back in Shanghai" ! The quote was like someone running their nails down a blackboard! This was one of the first things James Brown said last night in his concert here in Seoul! I actually felt a little embarrased, but he did try to cover it up, and would be interested to see if others thought it was a joke or a f... up!

Anyway I should not let that take away from an amazing concert last night. What a fantastic band, great sound, lots of fun, and a crowd that really got into it! The concert was almost two hours long, and we were entertained from the greatest Soul Man of our times, and his band, and back up singers who were outstanding.

It was held in the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, with a crowd I reckon of about 3000. They played a wonderful variety of songs, from the classic hits, to lengthy jazz / soul numbers with the sax player at times stealing the show. He was just unreal. I closed my eyes and was just mesmerized by his skills on the sax! Wow!

Its funny, I never thought that I would see James Brown in concert in my lifetime and listen to some of those classics like "I feel good, I knew that I would", that I have listened to since I was so young. Good one you Seoul, and the promoters for bringing such a great concert here.

This guy above was the MC for the show. He really only spoke at the beginning of the show, but you could tell, he was most likely James Brown right hand man. He had the Soul groove going on!

The Soul Sisters! These ladies had voices that could have stolen the show if they were allowed. The danced and danced, and sung back up like they have been doing with James Brown all of their lives.

This guy on the saxaphone was just fantastic. I just loved every solo that he did, and he just drove the crowd crazy. Amazing talent, and was privelaged to hear him play.

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  • At 7:03 pm, Blogger Jenifer D. said…

    DUDE! Thank you for the run down of last night; I had to be at work too early this morning to go see the Godfather of Soul. How old is JB now? 100?


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