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Well here is the deal. I am Australian and just moved to Seoul with my wife to work in a 5 star hotel. I hope to share some of my thoughts and comments over the Years I am here!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

There is a Golf God!

So as mentioned yesterday, today was going to be a huge day as is most of the week, and it was. Started in the office around 7am and finally got out around 7.15pm this evening. But as the title says - There is a golf god!

After doing a bit of work early, plus going to one meeting at 830am, I raced over to the COEX for the start of our training at 9am. Three days of training! Anyway, greeted all, including the trainer who is based in our Singapore office, and is someone I had met in Melbourne about 18 months ago. As we got into the training he put up a slide that summarized the actual training. It said "course will finish on tomorrow at 4pm"! What the f...!!!

At the next break a few minutes later I told him that I thought the training finished Thursday afternoon. Actually it finishes tomorrow at 4pm, but will then do 8 one hour sessions on the eight projects the hotel is undertaking over the remainder of the year. Two one hour sessions tomorrow, and the other six on Thursday. And you only need to attend the sessions that you are involved in the project! Ok ok, now if you can picture this, my mind is now racing. I am working out if I can get a few things shuffled around so I can play golf on Thursday! So honesty is the best policy and I explained that we have this big golf tournament, and two of us in the group of 20 were supposed to participate but declined because of the training. But is there a way we could put on the two projects that he and I are involved in tomorrow, as we do not need to be there for the other 6 projects, therefore Thursday is open! By now everyone was back, this was discussed, and thankfully as the two of us who wanted to play golf were the two most senior in the group, nobody complained, and all were happy for us to go first with our project sessions tomorrow afternoon!

So I raced out of the meeting room, called the Director of Sales & Marketing who I gave a hard time to yesterday, and said I can play on Thursday. Actually he was very happy, and has put me on a tee time! I am a very excited man!

The next few days is going to be crazy now; tomorrow training all day to 4pm, then 4.30pm to 7pm working on our project, have a dinner to attend at 7.30pm in our hotel, Thursday golf all day, back to the hotel for a meeting at 5.30pm, then a formal dinner at the Grand Hyatt with my lovely wife, and several other people from the hotel and their wives. This is the Annual German Society Ball which is at 8pm. Mum is arriving from Japan at 11.20pm and have a car and driver to pick her up and hopefully she should be at the house by 1am! Will be awesome to have her here again. Its only for 5 days, but so nice to have her around.

Wish me luck!



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