Aussie In Seoul

Well here is the deal. I am Australian and just moved to Seoul with my wife to work in a 5 star hotel. I hope to share some of my thoughts and comments over the Years I am here!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where going on a holiday!

Finally after watching everyone at work go and come back from their summer holidays it is finally our turn. So 27 hours from now we are boarding our flight for 17 days of fun and adventure. Below are the flags and State we will be visiting! I guess this blog will be updated on our return.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Afternoon in Seoul

It has been a relaxing weekend, with Saturday spent either sleeping or relaxing at home. Had a big night out on Friday, so needed to catch up with rest on Saturday.

Today, Sunday, we went to the hotel for breakfast at Grand Cafe. Always a sensational breakfast. We bumped into some friends and mentioned we were going to shop in the afternoon around Dongdaemun. They also wanted to shop, so we met around 2pm and headed to Dongdaemun. It was super busy, of course we did a heap of walking, and a little bit of shopping!!!
Finished up with a lovely dinner in our favourite dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung in Myeong-Dong.

anyway below are some photos of the day with our great new camera.

Shot of the Cheonggyecheon Stream which only re-opened earlier this year.

Another shot of the stream. If you have the time, a great place to walk.

Chef and the ladies posing for the camera. See the camera in chefs hand ... Its the same as mine. We bought it within days of eachother.

Shot above is the East Gate of Seoul in Dongdaemun.

Here we are walking through the streets of Myeong-Dong. Fantastic area for shopping, and eating. In the centre of Myeongdong there is a new Krispe Kreme! You know where we had our dessert tonight!

We did not have our dessert here, but this ice cream shop was awesome. Check out the cone display! Next time!

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Camera!

In preperation for the Europe trip which is only 4 days away we just bought a new camera. After doing a little research we came up with this very inexpensive beauty! We got it online through a Korean website, and it came with a heap of extras. So far it looks good, but the test will be in our travels of Europe.

Thanks letsgodigital for the photos! What we love the most about the camera is the huge display. So sexy!!!!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Steve Irwin "we will miss you"

I am really not sure what I want to put on paper about how I feel about the sudden death of Steve Irwin. I personally really liked the guy. A modern day "Crocodile Dundee" who was real, honest, funny, and as us aussies say, a bloody good bloke. He was the real deal. He was away from the camera the same as he was in front of the camera. Always loving life, loving his family, friends, and most of all the wild animals of this world.

A freak accident has taken his life, and I feel the world will miss this mate. He was in his prime, and was a great ambassador for our country, and the guy that most applauded for his honesty and sincerity in regards to conservation and wildlife. It is nice to see how many global tributes he has recieved, and I hope that his legacy lives on. Rest in peace Steve.

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