Aussie In Seoul

Well here is the deal. I am Australian and just moved to Seoul with my wife to work in a 5 star hotel. I hope to share some of my thoughts and comments over the Years I am here!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Australia in the World Cup

YES, after 31 years Australia has finally qualified for the World Cup! You know us aussies are supper patriotic and even though I am not the biggest soccer fan, I am still so happy. It was not covered on TV here, so I had to get live updates thru the internet!

But I guess the ironic thing, and the link to Korea on this is that the coach of the Australian team, Gus Hiddink was the former South Korean coach!

So, after a shitty weekend where we lost the rugby to England, this was a very nice mid-week gift.

Oh, and sorry for no updates on the blog for a while. Just super busy, and to be very honest not that much exciting going on. The weather has dropped to close to zero (0) at night and max 8 - 10 in the day. So I walk to work at 730am freezing my ass off and go into my office to thaw out for 15 minutes. Now I know most people say what is the big deal, but after living in places like Middle East for 3 years, and Hawaii for 8 years, then you understand I am not used to the cold!

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend Trip

So actually two weekends ago I went to an area called Seoraksan National Park with a friend form work and his wife. Clariza was supposed to come but unfortunantly at the 730am start she was just not feeling well at all, so I headed out for what was going to be a very long, but vey nice day.
I figure I will not do much writing in this post as the photos kind of tell a better picture than I could ever describe. But to give a summary I will hit the highlights. It was about a 4 hour drive to get there, and heading through the mountains was extremely beautiful and again I am reminded that Seoul is such a contrast to the real beauty of Korea, which lie's waiting outside the concrete jungle fo the city. I am certain so many people that visit Korea very rarely venture out of Seoul, so I hope these photos give a glimpse as to what is really out there.
When we arrived at the National Park finally we were met by thousands of others who were also taking advantage of the beautiful weather and changing of season. It was nice to have a walk around and capture a look at only a fraction of the park. I have to say if I had more time it would be wonderful to do one of the many hiking trails through the park.
After a wonderful lunch, we walked around a little more, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings, and finally got back in the car for the journey home.

Now if some of you are familiar with the traffic of Korea, then you will undestand how a 4 hour drive one way can be a 7 hour drive on the way back! Yes it took us 7 hours to get home in the worst traffic I have ever been in. At one stage we covered 2 km in 50 minutes! I was going crazy, but it was not so bad. We did stop and have a nice Korean BBQ dinner in a small town on the way back.

We finally got back to Seoul at 11pm in the evening. All I can say is that it was great to get out into the mountains, but the traffic is a killer!

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