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Friday, June 23, 2006

Aussie Aussie Aussie !!!

Life in Korea has taken a back seat to all the World Cup festivities these days. I work in a hotel that has the following nationalities -

Korean 1792 staff, Geman 1 staff, French 1 staff, British 2 staff, Australians 4 staff.

So as it happened everyone in the hotels has a team represented in the world cup! Of course plenty of excitement around the hotel, lots of joking, and even more World Cup discussion than work discussion!

Okay, so lets rewind with a few updates on Aussies -

1 - Jeff Ogilvy won the US Open Golf over the past weekend! Great stuff
2 - Australia kick Englands ass again in the Rugby.
3 - Leyton Hewitt won Queens Tennis Tournament
4 - Australia 2 drew with Croatia 2! Giving the aussies a place in history to make the sweet sixteen! Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi !!!!

The following is an article written by a French reporter, Pierre Littbarski in Germany. I took it from smh online, and I thin kit is a great article written by a non-aussie -

AUSTRALIA have made significant leaps forward at the World Cup, with many of the world's best judges believing the adaptable, high-energy style of football they play is emerging as a leading trend in the game.

While some have tried to portray the Australians as an over-physical side, the reality is they have played some very good football and have impressed everyone in Germany.

The performances against Japan and especially Brazil have been very impressive. They are tactically and technically very good and have been playing without fear.

Against Brazil they went onto the field thinking they could win. A lot of teams don't do that. Sure, Brazil won the match - but with a bit of luck, Australia could have drawn or even won the game.

They are not intimidated by anyone, have an attitude that is typically Australian and play with a smile on their face - but a sting in their boots. It is an ideal mix. But Australia's game is not just based on attitude. They have also played some very good football. It has surprised many people who thought the old Australian style of chasing and defending would still be alive.

Instead, they have been very positive in their play and win, lose or draw against Croatia, they have made many friends and new admirers in high places.

Great photo of Harry Kewell, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald as the other one on this post, and the last post.

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  • At 1:30 pm, Anonymous Bar Bar Butt said…

    Since when did Britain have a football team?

  • At 5:41 pm, Anonymous najinsu said…

    Football is the best. I love Soul as well.


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