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Well here is the deal. I am Australian and just moved to Seoul with my wife to work in a 5 star hotel. I hope to share some of my thoughts and comments over the Years I am here!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Only In Sudan - Married to a goat!

From a Local newspaper in Sudan, which was also put into the Australian Newspaper so must be true -


Goat ... identity of the victim cannot be revealed

A MAN caught "in flagrante delicto" with a goat has been forced to marry the animal.According to the local newspaper, The Juba Post, the goat's owner, a Mr Alifi, caught his neighbour, Mr Tombe, assaulting his goat and reported the man to the local council of elders for adjudication.

"It was around midnight when Tombe came to do his nonsense on my goat, and I was already in bed inside my house," Mr Alifi said.
"Suddenly I heard the goat make a loud noise. Immediately I rushed outside to find Mr Tombe was naked and engaged in a relationship with my goat. " When I asked him what are you doing there, he fell off the back of the goat, so I captured and tied him up. They said I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife."

Mr Tombe agreed to pay a dowry of 150,000 Sudanese dinars ($125) for his new spouse
We have given him the goat, and as far as we know they are still together," Mr Alifi told the Post.

By the way it is a national holiday in Korea today so no work, but did end up at work to go to the gym, have lunch, and I guess do this blog! Have a great day!

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